11 June 2019

Graham Vick's production of Paria opens in Poznań

The Poznań Opera House's production of Paria by world-famous director Graham Vick is scheduled to open on 28 June under Gabriel Chmura. The work will be shown not at the opera house but in an arena, eliciting active engagement of the audience.

In the words of the organisers:

'Opera is for everyone, but not everyone knows it. That's why Graham Vick, a stage director who has not forgotten that music is, first and foremost, a vehicle of emotions, has arrivd to Poznań (straight from La Scala). We all experience emotions, regardless of the education we received or the social status we have. Our reactions to art make up a multicolored mosaic which makes every performance unique and unrepeatable. And that's what it's all about. So if you want to co-create an opera performance, come see our Paria! Mingle with a crowd of actors, eavesdrop on the orchestra, sneak a peek at the conductor, and feel High C vibrating. Experience the story of Nealia and Idamor, two people who should never have met in a strictly hierarchical society, yet fell in love with each other against the established convention, law, religion and the will of their fathers. There are no easy choices, each has quite revolutionary consequences. Become a part of the revolution! A better chance might not come along. #jamparia'

Dates: 28, 30 June 2019
Venue: Arena Poznań