Fredriana - wieczór baletowy w Operze Narodowej z muzyką Moniuszki
fot. Ewa Krasucka

4 April 2019

The Polish National Ballet dances to Moniuszko

‘I have never explored what constitutes significant happiness in a marriage. However, I think that two people should match each other like a pair of horses: an even gait, an even turn, equal fire – then the journey together is pleasant and far less of a drag. But when one is swift, and the other lazy, one is soft, and the other hardy, when one is pulling while the other is jumping – then the devil may take it!’ Here is Aleksander Fredro (1793-1876) at his best. Love affairs were one of the playwright's favourite themes.

On Saturday, 6 April, the Polish National Ballet premieres its latest double-bill of ballets inspired by Fredro's two comedies and using Stanisław Moniuszko's music. Based on Fredro's Revenge, The Sarmatian Parable is a choreography by Conrad Drzewiecki (1926-2007) using Moniuszko's fantastic overture Fairy Tale reconstructed for the PNB by Emil Wesołowski. The second part of the programme is Anna Hop's original choreography based on Fredro's Husband and Wife danced to Moniuszko's ballet music In the billets.

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