Straszny dwór z audiodeskrypcją na Światowy Dzień Opery
Archiwum Teatru Wielkiego – Opery Narodowej

24 October 2019

Audio described Haunted Manor on

WORLD OPERA DAY 25 October 2019

This year sees the launch of World Opera Day, an initiative of Opera America, Opera Europa and Opera Latinoamérica. The Polish National Opera has been invited to join in.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the positive impact and value of opera for society. Opera, like other arts, contributes to developing tolerance and understanding, opening minds and connecting people with strong, universal emotions. Just as sport shapes a healthy body, the arts shape a healthy mind!

Joining in the project, the Polish National Opera is going to share an audio described performance of Moniuszko's The Haunted Manor for the blind and visually impaired through its VOD service (in Polish).

The audio description was devised by OKO NA UCHO: Maciej Sudewicz, Michał Sławecki, Maciej Kowalik (narrator), video: Artur Prymon.

Watch the video to learn more: